Lifestyle Photography Workshop

Oakmoss Collective Photography Workshop

We are so excited to announce that we are hosting our second annual Oakmoss Photography Workshop! This year it's a double header—we'll be talking about lifestyle photography and smart phone photography. That includes how to utilize natural light, tips for posing, product styling, and our favorite editing apps, too.

Let us show you how to grab the perfect shot with your camera AND phone, because let's face it...we aren't always walking around with a DSLR in hand! Not only will this be a great time to learn a few new things, but it'll be a great time to build your portfolio + spruce up your Instagram feed! 

This year, we're having our workshop at the newly renovated and GORGEOUS Railroad Masters House in Lancaster County, PA. We can't wait!

At this workshop we'll have props, models, and a few extra goodies. (And of course there will be coffee and snacks!) Be sure to grab a ticket now before they all sell out, and bring a friend too!