Online Hand Lettering Workshop

Have you ever wondered how to get your handwriting from "meh" to "WOW!"? 

Have you tried to write something in a birthday card or make a print like the one you saw on Pinterest and just didn't get the results you were looking for?

Do you want to learn how to improve your penmanship, find your unique style, and make something that you're not embarrassed to hang on the wall?

Join us for an online hand lettering workshop! That's right, we're hosting an event online so that everyone can take part!

We'll be teaching you the basics of hand lettering, how to find your unique style, and share what tools we love to work with. We'll also create two different hand lettered pieces as a class and share some tips on how to digitize your calligraphy so you can turn it into screen savers, something for your blog, and much more!

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Oakmoss Collective Handlettering Workshop

Not ready to jump in or have something else you're doing this weekend? Don't worry! We're leaving this class up all summer long (it's prerecorded) for you to join in at any time or revisit if you need to later. We want you to learn the basics of hand lettering and be able to practice your unique style at YOUR leisure. 

Once you get your ticket with the access code, you can view the course here: